The four faces of the the creatures who surround the Throne of God represent different aspects of prophetic worship.


Man - May 21 - Communication through words, preaching, teaching, prayers, and prophecy. Sheila Parnell
Ox - May 28 - Communication through movement, dance and banners. Fred Blakely
Eagle - June 4 - Communication through pictures, painting and drawing. Tara Martin
Lion - June 11 - Communication through sound, rhythm, instruments, and voice. Wendy Wham

Historically, the Church has focused primarily on the Man aspect with the Lion as an added accent. The arts have always had a relationship with the church, but only for a limited group of people. The traditional church model has been a handful of leaders on stage, pouring into the audience.

The heavenly worship model seen and described by Ezekiel and John is not linear, but circular. Everyone surrounds the throne, everyone participates. (Everybody gets to play!) The worship is led by the presence of God sitting on His throne. Our goal is to give people permission and tools to use, to enter the throne room together and communicate their own experience of God within the group. Unity and individuality is a difficult thing to master simultaneously, so these workshops are designed to give people freedom to experiment with the process without expectation of product.

 About Benchmark


Benchmark Ministries is a ministry that is leading the church back into its original purpose upon the earth.cropped-boats-turquoise-water.jpg

In measuring property lines there is a benchmark that is used when there is a question as to where the true property boundaries lie. Going back to this "benchmark", the original standard of measure, then solidifies the property lines.

Just as the benchmark is used to the natural it also is needed in the spiritual aspect of the church. The property lines of the church, their purpose, has been obscured by the traditions of man; by performance and works. Our property line needs to be remeSun rising earthasured according to the "original standard of measure" that was established by Jesus for His body.

There is the need for us to find our original purpose here on earth instead of longing for a place in heaven so we can leave this troubled earth. The answer is not to leave earth for heaven; it's actually ours already, but to bring heaven to earth to bring change to the earth.

It is Fisherman with Netimperative we, the body of Christ, reconnect with the original mandate from God to go into all the earth and establish the kingdom and reconcile all men back to God (2 Cor 5:18-20). There is much darkness upon the earth because we have not been the light to it by dispelling it. Lets go back to the original standard that was given to us and begin to effect the world with God's glory that is within us. Time to release it...