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In 2008 we founded Benchmark Ministries. It has been prophesied that we are cross-pollinators and bridges to the church; ones that connect the fragmented church into unity.

As we begin to move deeper into God’s heart the more God has been unfolding Benchmark’s reason for existing. Truly our mission is to bring the church back to its original standard of measure as mature sons of God; ones moving in authority; bringing and establishing the reality of heaven here on earth.

About Phil

I am the son of a pastor so I am no stranger to ministry. I’ve always had a heart to follow God with everything in me. As a lover of the Word I have searched the scripture with true diligence. I am a teacher who is overjoyedPhil to release people into the fullness that God has for them. God placed a tender compassion within me that runs deep. I am gifted in administration and the prophetic.

After studying for a number of years in various colleges in Bible and music and am well prepared to impart God’s heart to others. In the past I have led 20 plus years in men’s groups, have been a worship leader, church building administration and church board of directors. I have been Co-Director of River Gate Healing Rooms, and am currently a Pastoral Advisor for The Dalles Aglow Lighthouse and Co-Senior Leader of Benchmark Ministries. Currently I am leading a Men’s Bible Study Group at Resurrection Automotive in The Dalles.

About Sheila

Hello, I’m Sheila Parnell. I am a speaker and teacher who speaks identity into the body of Christ. I’ve seen many people come into a fresh, new perspective of themselves in relation to their Father, God. One thing I love most is to play a part of releasing true joy that takes possession of individuals ushering in laughter and new hope.

I write and speak into people on a personal level concerning identity, relationship and living as mature sons of God who are free to be led by Holy Spirit. I cover similar issues on my blog. You can watch my YouTube teachings and take part in my workshops. See my Events and Resource pages.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can put to work in your everyday life and deepen your wa1506726_765889890171630_3159956033943493336_nlk with God. If you want a more meaningful life and want to go from vague Christianity to a walk of confidence and power in Christ Jesus—someone who wants more out of their purpose on earth—then this blog is for you.


I amCarson Healing Room Launch the former The Dalles Aglow President and Aglow Area Team Leader. During this time my husband, Phil, and I served as Directors of The Dalles River Gate Healing Rooms.

In 2009 I resigned from the Aglow Area Team and became the Healing Rooms Regional Assistant Director, IAHR. In September 2013 as I was traveling back from a mission trip to Africa I heard God softly whisper, “It is time to begin focusing on the ministry I have given to you and your husband”. January 2014 I stepped down from The Healing Rooms to give my full attention to Benchmark Ministries and to my writing.

Check out my book, Down the Up Staircase. Down the Up Staircase



Our Family


We married as high school sweethearts over forty-two years ago. We have two handsome sons and two beautiful daughters. They have given us six grandsons and five granddaughters.

We live in The Dalles, Oregon on the beautiful Columbia River.


Darice, Hannah, Joel and Jason

Darice, Hannah, Joel and Jason

Christian, Skywater, Brooke, Aisha, Noah, Ukiah, Elijah, Ocean. Missing: TiAhnna, Judah and Aiden

Christian, Skywater, Brooke, Aisha, Noah, Ukiah, Elijah, Ocean. Missing: TiAhnna, Judah and Aiden

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